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April 26-28th, 2024

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Don't stay on the bench get involved!

At our rodeo we encourage our locals to get involved in a multitude of ways!

Hide race is open to any local with access to a safe horse. Rider will need to be able to pull a piece of canvas by rope. Partner will need to jump on the hide and hang on while being dragged back to the finish line. 

This is open to any lady looking for a VIP experience to the Springville Rodeo! Sign up online to spend a day meeting all the different people involved. Ladies will compete in rodeo themes challenges in order to gain points to win a custom beltbuckle.

Kids 12 and under get to come into the arena free of cost. Long ago bandits hid their gold in the rich dirt of the arena. Kids get to come into the arena and dig for silver dollars that they get to keep. 

Please join us for a Cowboy Church service on Sunday, April 24, 2022 at the Springville Rodeo Grounds at 10:00am in our main grandstands. The service will be led by our every own Light House Chapel Assembly of God reverend Chris Ferrell.

This community is forever grateful for the beautiful land and animals that bless our local rodeo each year!

Please join us in celebrating!

Contestants ride on anything with a motor while competing to see who can complete the cloverleaf pattern the fastest. Cash prizes. 

The mutton busting is a fan favorite and kid’s dream! Kids 2-7 years old get to have their time in the spotlight. Fully equipped with helmet and vest, kids can walk in the shoes of a rough stock rider. They will be lowered onto their own lamb and released into the arena for their chance at winning a belt buckle. 

Be part of a great organization that helps to make the rodeo possible! Young Guns and Six shooters are the volunteer force manning the gates, cleaning the grounds, hosting events, and maintaining the grounds.

LOOKING FOR NON-FOOD TYPE VENDORS! Book a spot to sell your goods at our rodeo! Text/ Call Debbie Stengel at (559)483-8464

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