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August 26th, 2023

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Drill Team

Springville Sierra Rodeo Drill Team

Beautiful horses, pounding hooves, colorful flags, and talented riders. Put them all together and you have exciting fast passed entertainment. What better way to honor the great sponsors of the Springville Sierra Rodeo. With pageantry and precision, the Springville Sierra Rodeo Drill Team opens each performance displaying the logos and colors of the businesses and corporations that make the sport of Rodeo possible.

Under the guidance of Dianne Shew and the direction of Sonnie Shew, each member of the drill team donates their time and talent to enhance the presentation of our sponsor to the public. Their dedication and hard work results in fast paced maneuvers, precision turns and all around great rodeo entertainment.

Hats off to the members of the Springville Rodeo Drill Team!


In the video below you will see a full team sweep (0:07), iron cross (0:15), full team box cross (0:23), crack the whip (0:32), and a paired cross (0:37). 

2023 Team Members

Left to Right Back Row: Sonnie Shew, Jamie Changala, Sierra Ince, Patsy Anderson, Tammy Fernandes, Laura Grabowski, Brooke Witzel

Front Row: Drew Anderson, Andrea White, Kasyn Witzel, Jillian

Not Pictured: Jennifer and Danielle Steinhauer