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Board of Directors

To be on the Board....

To be on the Board of Directors, members are selected/elected from one of the four volunteer clubs that oversee the rodeo grounds. They are: Women’s Club, Veterans of Foreign War, Lion’s Club, and Backcountry Horsemen. Each club sends two representatives to serve on the Rodeo Board in addition to their club commitments. There are also a select number of “At Large” positions given to outstanding men and women that go above and beyond to support our rodeo and the community. All positions are voluntary and members give generously of their time to make this the “Biggest Little Rodeo in the West”. The following is a list of the individuals serving as our Board Members:

Veterans of Foreign War

James Norris- Diector of Beverages and Insurance
Greg King- Director of Parade and Parking

Women's Club

Donna Walker-Director of Hospitality
Dianne Shew- VP, Director of Royalty and Drill Team

Backcountry Horsemen

Gail Inman- Secretary, Director of Attendants
Steve Ladrigan- Director of Signage

Lions Club

Tim Shew- Chute Boss Director
Frank Schlitz- Arena Director

Members at Large

Dennis Corzine- President (Enough Said)
Joseph Merritt- Director of Livestock
LC Kaylor- Director of Social Media and Entertainment
Kenny Walker- Treasurer, Director at Finances and Reports

Board members in Action!

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