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July 13, 2024

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Grand Marshall

2024 Grand Marshall:
Joan Oderkirk McGregor
Community Stapel

  • Born in Rochester, New York, Joan moved to California in 1945. She married Donald McGregor in 1952. Together, they raised three children. John McGregor, Jody Mitchell and Donna Walker all residing in Springville. Joan is the proud grandmother to 8 grandkids and 15 great-grandchildren. She helped run McGregor Manufacturing, until she retired in 1996.
  • Joan is a member of the Senior Club of Springville. She has been a supporting Member of the Springville community for many years. She is known for her support of the children of Springville school, the athletics of Porterville High School and the many clubs she donated to for the betterment of the community. When there was a need for students, Joan could be counted on to offer her help. 
  • Joan and her family moved to Springville in 1970. She attended her first Springville Rodeo in 1971 and has not missed a single event since. She loves mutton bustin, barrel racing and always likes the bull riding. She feels the rodeo is an important part of the town. It brings families together and allows others to view our great community. Her son, John, contributes to construction projects at the rodeo grounds annually. Her daughter, Jody, ran for Springville Rodeo Queen. 
  • Her daughter, Donna, and husband, Kenny, are active members of the rodeo board. A resident of Springville for over 50 years, Joan states, “Springville is a fantastic community that is a family of people caring for each other. Any time you have a need, Springville is there for you.” During the rodeo: Grand Marshal Joan McGregor, also known as Mrs. Mac, can be found in her favorite spot in front of the Lion’s booth. Please go by to congratulate her and say hello.

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