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May 25th, 2024

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2024 The Green Hat Cowby

Austin did not grow up on a farm or in a rodeo family, though through rodeo, he found a “bonus family.” Despite being raised by a single mother in the suburbs of Utah, he always wanted to be a cowboy like his Grandpa; he proudly describes himself as “the city kid who never grew out of wanting a pony.” Now at 30 years old, he has three equine co-stars and has built a successful career as a Professional Rodeo Clown and Entertainer!

Austin’s true love for performing and making people laugh began in his middle school theatre class; though, it wasn’t until he was 17 years old that he was inspired to become a Professional Rodeo Clown after saw the opportunity to be both a cowboy, and an entertainer. Austin’s journey in the PRCA officially began in 2015, where he now travels the country working for some of the top Rodeo Producers in the world; promoting the Western Way of Life, and entertaining tens of thousands of rodeo fans every year.

Austin’s deep love and passion for animals and animal welfare can be seen demonstrated in and out of the rodeo arena. In his rodeo acts, it is his top priority to showcase the talent, athleticism, and majesty of his horses while adding a splash of comedy of course; most notably in his Trick Horse and Clydesdale Roman Riding Acts. After the rodeos, you can often find Austin and his team of horses taking pictures and signing autographs for fans. “It can be life-changing for a fan to get up close and personal with a horse. Whether they used to have horses, they’ve never seen one in person, or they’ve always wanted one, it is always so special to be able to provide that moment for them. Because I used to be that kid.”

2023 Whislt Nut & Ole

Whistle Nut and his trusty companion Ole are a dynamic duo in the rodeo world. Whistle Nut, also known as Jason Dent, is a professional rodeo clown and bull fighter with years of experience under his belt. He’s known for his quick wit, daring stunts, and his ability to keep the audience entertained. Ole, on the other hand, is a massive brahma red bull with a heart of gold. Though he can be quite intimidating in the arena, he loves nothing more than a good belly rub and some marshmallows. Together, Whistle Nut and Ole make an unstoppable team bringing joy, laughter, and excitement to fans old and young.

Stay tuned to learn meet and greet locations for this dynamic duo!

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