Farewell – 2017 Princess Whitney Iskenderian

Being 2017 Springville Rodeo Princess has took me on a journey I will never forget. This last year has been full of so many amazing memories and I am sad it it coming to a close but I have been exposed to so many new opportunities for my future. I have met many amazing people and gone so many places in what feels like such a short amount of time. Along the way I have definitely been inspired to continue with queening and I hope to hold more titles in the future.

I went to a good number of rodeos and attended different events in Springville. Glennville was one rodeo that I traveled to and had a great experience. It was one of my first rodeos I attended and by this time we had realized how friendly the environment is at a lot of rodeos, which was really good. I had never carried a flag but they needed extra girls so I proudly carried the Marine Corp flag. My grandfather is a marine who passed away and he was a big part of my life so it was an honor to carry the flag around the arena. It was also the first rodeo other than Springville that we attended as a family and that my horse and I had really connected. It not only was just for doing my princess duties but also to bring family together. Each rodeo is different than the other and holds its own special memory.

Along the way I met a lot of inspiring people including Miss Rodeo California 2017, Brittney Phillips. I met rodeo royalty from hours away that I have contacted for help with rodeo information at dates much later than when I met them. Most Princesses and Queens have been extremely nice. Another great memory was in Tehachapi when I asked a Queen to ride through the Starbucks drive through with me before the parade about a mile away. Set aside from inspiring queens I also met a little girl who I had impacted by saying a few kind words. I even attended her birthday party and I know I impacted her but she did the same for me.

It’s all too much to put in words or add to these few paragraphs but that is all thanks to the wonderful support I have received along the way. My biggest support has been from my whole family and they deserve a big thank you for it all because without their love and immense support none of this would be possible. Thank you Susan Hokanson for allowing me to use your horses and for being the great trainer you are. Another big thank you has to go to Kenny Walker and his family because they have given so much support to me during my journey. Kenny has definitely brought me out of my shell putting me on the spot at different events such as the Last Draw Dinner or the Apple Festival. Lastly thank you Dianne, Kassi, Alex, and the Rodeo board for making this competition possible and for being so welcoming. It’s hard to write my farewell but I know it’s just the beginning and a great one for sure to a long journey ahead. Springville will always hold a special spot in my heart.