Rodeo Clown Barrelman Joey Hackett

Joey “Hashbrown” Hackett, from Hutto, TX is a home grown southern boy with family roots going deep into Cajun country. A retired firefighter after 15 years of service. Joey is a dedicated family man with a beautiful wife that has spent over 15 years as a Police Officer serving the people of the community and now owns 2 successful businesses and is very dedicated. Hashbrown, from his belief in God to respect for his elders, is very respectful and professional in every aspect. Rodeo has been in his blood since a child.

Still a child at heart to this day, he plays with children at rodeos to encourage the interest in rodeo into the future. Whether it the Fashion Police or washing a dirty kitty, you are going to be wondering what is next! Working rodeos all over the country, he brings southern family friendly religious and Cajun humor to relieve any stress or worries your life holds. Featured as the 2X Pro West Rodeo Association Finals Barrelman, to the 2013 Cajun Finals Barrelman/Entertainer of The Year. In his show, you will never hear anything you can’t repeat in church. Professional appearance and comical attitude to help promote your event. “Promo work is just part of the job, and I love it!